Inside the Mind of Virgil Abloh




print, editorial, collage, research


Holly Tienken, Mentor

Denise Bosler, Mentor



Project Brief

In memory of Virgil Abloh. September 30, 1980 – November 28, 2021.

This feature spread explores a visual history inside Virgil Abloh, one of fashion's most disruptive forces. Abloh is a globetrotting DJ, and artist that has had a big year in 2019. The design opens the mind of Virgil, showing you his milestones in a timeline since 1980 to 2019, marking a big year in his career. The goal is to take a slice out of Virgil Abloh’s interesting mind, visually and conceptually, in a format with as few text as possible to keep the reader engaged. The feature spread was designed in a way that reflected memorabilia, where the reader could tear out pages and hang them up like a poster. This project has become my most noticed and awarded piece to date. Placing second in the student competition, and was published in the SPD Design Annual 55 and honored at SPD’s 55th Annual Online Awards Gala, this has awarded me an invaluable 1:1 mentorship with Michael Wilson, CD of Made Visible Studio. This was also a finalist in Communication Art’s 2020 Design Competition.